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SMART ENERGY – The Future In IoT

SMART ENERGY – The Future In IoT IoT is a technology which helps to establish connections among different devices and allows these devices to communicate with each other over a network. Connected devices make it possible for real-time detailed data to be available and in turn, aids better and well-informed decision making. IoT has applications […]

ACMiS – IoT Enabler​

ACMiS – IoT Enabler What is ACMiS? ACMiS provides ready-to-use & easily customizable components to user It helps organizations to validate fresh or existing data The framework can be used for building a PoC  in less than 2 weeks It is a low-cost solution when compared to AWS/Azure since it is built on open source […]

IoT Demystified

IoT Demystified The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge potential in today’s world to fulfill business needs. A strong, stable, secure and scalable IoT platform is the cornerstone of any IoT implementation. Such a platform will:- Connect all your devices Understand your data faster Shorten the time to market Improve time to value for […]

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