Digital Transformation  @ Thinking Hut

Thinking Hut follows the steps of Digital Transformation by making all the processes up-to-date with the growing technologies. The market now needs all the organizations to handle Digital Data received from iOT and the large chunks of data called Big Data. It is the fundamental need of the organizations to handle and process such data and Thinking Hut has readily mastered the same.

Design Thinking

Designing is not a one-man show for us. We understand the problem and solution by empathizing. Learning from users gives us a deep insight. Multiple designs from designers followed by brainstorming between designers and users leading to our final design


We believe that human intelligence and efficiency can be best utilized if repeated, non-decisive tasks are automated. Automating is not more complex than the task being automated. It improves quality of service and time to market; adding value to the business


Business needs keep modifying with time. As technology evolves, better solutions are delivered. Legacy systems can hinder the growth of an organization due to poor integration ability, long time to market, more time training the users or vendor dependence. We modernize applications in such ways so that maintaining or scaling becomes very easy


With digitization involving not just software but physical devices as well, integration is a great challenge. We seamlessly integrate a variety of software and collate the data. The end-to-end integration of systems completely keeps away the hindrances of standalone software


Interpreting and finding meaningful patterns in data can be achieved only when analyzers understand the meaning of the data. We work closely with business users to understand what the variety of saved data means to them. We come up with most meaningful and impactful analytics. This analytics lead to improvement in operational efficiency and increase in revenue


The massive use of smartphones and handheld devices demands that we provide solutions in form mobile apps too. We develop cross-platform solutions that work perfectly across different operating systems. We craft apps which provide exceptional user experience, intuitive for users, secure and responsive

Web Portals

We provide comprehensive enterprise, B2B and B2C web portals covering a wide range; from e-learning portals to matrimonial ones. Our portals are friendly to navigate, search, filter and add. We craft portals in ways that keep the search engine friendliness quotient high

Cloud Computing

We can plan, build and manage cloud infrastructure using a cloud platform that best suits your needs. We help you in identifying a business for cloud computing and define a roadmap. We manage your cloud storage and compute resources most efficiently. We will accelerate your time to market


Jump-start your business by having a well-designed solution for maximum impact on customers. We create eCommerce solutions which are unique, user-friendly and have well-categorized product catalog. Payments are an integral part of the online business

Gone are the days when the processing of the data needed hours of computation. The world is getting familiarized with the concept of Cloud Computing and so we are. All the information of our esteemed clients is stored and managed on Cloud. Also, the troublesome manual process for this is replaced with the Automated procedures. This has benefited a lot in industries like Manufacturing and Sales.
Along with the management, the access to the data in a convenient and device independent way is equally important. The users now need to view and manage their data from any device round the globe. Thinking Hut provides Web as well as Mobile support to meet the needs of all its customers

Key   Features

  • More than 60% of the projects done at Thinking Hut have been digital solutions of existing services
  • The digital solutions provided by Thinking Hut have proved to provide increase in user engagement and hence boost in revenue
  • Digital maturity of Thinking Hut is high due to perfect blend of technology and leadership
  • Thinking Hut has experience of working on a variety of DT projects covering various aspects of the spectrum