ACMIS @ Thinking Hut

ACMIS is a proprietary framework developed at Thinking Hut.

  • Facilitates rapid development of any IoT PoC or product
  • Approach for IoT use cases is to break down the functionality into individual microservices
  • Kafka is used for communication between the modules
  • Facilitates independent enhancement of the functionality of modules without affecting the other modules

Ready components

  • Data collector
  • Aggregator
  • Event generator
  • Publisher

Expected Benefits

  • Provides agility, reliability & maintainability as single responsibility principle is followed in modules
  • Improves fault isolation
  • Ensures right data at the right time, even when connectivity is interrupted

With the advent of big data and IoT gaining traction, applications started moving towards one API serving single purpose. In monolithic applications the entire application is duplicated onto servers instead of just scaling the functions which are facing a higher load. Each and every change requires the entire application to be re-deployed. Our framework addresses all these inefficiencies.