ACMiS – IoT Enabler​

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ACMiS – IoT Enabler

What is ACMiS?

  • ACMiS provides ready-to-use & easily customizable components to user
  • It helps organizations to validate fresh or existing data
  • The framework can be used for building a PoC  in less than 2 weeks
  • It is a low-cost solution when compared to AWS/Azure since it is built on open source technologies
  • It provides flexible hosting options including on-premise servers
  • It provides comprehensive functionality & high level of scalability


ACMiS Components

  • Edge Collector: Receives sensor data from sensors
  • Edge Filter: Reduces the amount of data being sent from edge device by filtering out non-relevant information, thus conserving bandwidth
  • Edge Event Generator: Generates events based on the input from the Sensor Collector
  •  Action Manager: Initiates actions like operating a motor, switching a lamp etc. by invoking appropriate Action class on the edge device
  •  MQTT Uploader: Publishes sensor data on a MQTT topic
  • Cloud Filter: Works as security guard on the cloud to prevent unwanted data from being saved on it
  • MQTT Receiver: Publishes the filtered data to Kafka topic from where all the other ACMiS cloud microservices consume data and perform further operations
  • Time Series Service: A custom component which is responsible to take filter data uploaded by the MQTT receiver to the Kafka topic
  • Demuxer: Demultiplexing the sensor data based on sensor type
  • Event Generator: A cloud service responsible for generating events based on the input from the sensor collector demuxer micro service. After the event rules gets triggered, Event Generator sends a necessary action message to Notifier. 
  • Esper: Used for Complex Event Processing (CEP). These type of systems consume and react to a stream of event data in real time. Typically these will be things like financial trading, fraud identification and process monitoring systems – where you need to identify, make sense of and react quickly to emerging patterns in a stream of data events.
  • Notifier: Formats incoming data and generates notifications for different modules like mail-dispatcher, sms-dispatcher, WebSocket etc.
  • Mail Dispatcher: Sends email to different users
  • Data Publisher: Publishes data for immediate and future use
  • Web App: End-user application that can be easily and quickly built as ACMiS provides data like sensor data, notifications, critical alerts and can accept data like event rules

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