IoT Demystified

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IoT Demystified

The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge potential in today’s world to fulfill business needs. A strong, stable, secure and scalable IoT platform is the cornerstone of any IoT implementation. Such a platform will:-

  • Connect all your devices
  • Understand your data faster
  • Shorten the time to market
  • Improve time to value for your business
  • Deliver the best experience to your customers 

Connecting your devices & getting data from them means you are ready to tackle concerns, such as compatibility, security, and manageability. You can put sensors on your things, listen to them, or watch them, all without touching anything. We’ve found during our numerous interactions with clients that the potential value of the collected data is not really understood in the beginning phases of a project. That’s because data is kept in separate piles.


Enter ACMiS (Accelerated IoT Development using Microservices), an IoT platform developed by us, that securely brings all your data together in one spot and with integrated analytics to immediately manage the volume of data you may receive. ACMiS provides a flexible, scalable foundation that can get you off the ground in proof of concepts (POCs), while also being a seamless repository in the cloud when you want to grow. It’s a very important decision in how you will manage the future costs of a solution and choosing one that continues to provide a great ROI as it grows in scale and scope. ACMiS can connect with existing business processes, services, and apps, as well as new ones (such as blockchain, analytical services, and AI) to gain operational improvements.

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