Tree Plantation 2018

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This year we celebrated the Friendship Day in a very unique way, by befriending the nature!


Like every year, we carried out the tree plantation activity, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity, with Vasundhara Swachata Abhiyan (VSA). They have been actively working towards environment conservation for more than a decade in and around Pune. VSA volunteers are very enthusiastic about their work and I am sure they must be getting more motivated by the sight of people turning up and joining hands with them. 


CSR has become a tricky term to use nowadays. Often when we hear about CSR, we assume that corporates donate some money for a cause in exchange for having the NGO’s logo appear in the right marketing document. It was only after I participated in this tree plantation activity, I changed my view about CSR!


At the office, we had been discussing a lot over a few days to decide which saplings should we get from the nursery for the plantation activity. After we finalized the list, we learnt that PMC provides saplings to encourage plantation! All we had to do is call and let them know our office address for delivery.


We took all the saplings to Baner hill. While we were mid-way, a couple of more groups joined us. It was good to see so many kids joining their parents in this activity. We formed a human chain from the bottom of the hill to the top. Numerous mulch sacks and saplings reached the top of the hill by the chain formed. On reaching the plateau, some took up the shovels and started digging as directed by the volunteers. Others passed on the mud and fertilizer. 


The Vasundhara volunteers then asked us to start planting the saplings. Our enthusiasm level shot up! After planting, we watered all the plants. While coming down the hill, I had a feeling of tremendous satisfaction. I am sure others too must have experienced something similar.


Trees take in CO2 and give out O2, the C is now a part of the tree. Trees thus help in carbon sequestration, which is capturing and storing the carbon dioxide which would have otherwise led to further warming of the planet and polluted our breathing air as well. We are well aware of this contribution of trees towards nature. A takeaway for us was that it takes little effort to cut the trees but needs tremendous persistence and efforts to take care of plants and trees. 

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  1. Apart from having fun at weekend, this plantation activity gave us a feeling of self satisfaction as we were able to contribute something to make the nature more beautiful and healthy.

    It was a great team activity.

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